The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon Running with the Tarahumara

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  1. I think this is the ultra they have in Guachochi or Sinfarosa. Probably
    Guachochi, though.

  2. Hey guys, this video is not titled correctly. This is not the Copper Canyon
    Ultra Marathon (now known as the Ultra Caballo Blanco). The CCUM takes
    place in Urique. This is an entirely different race.

  3. Please let me know who Can I register for the next marathon, because I try
    to register but the link is not working. This video is good, if you can
    please send me information about who can get there, I live in Miami, but my
    native origen is from mexico. Please you can send me more inf. at my email. thank you… May 18 / 2013 at 10:20Pm

  4. Pause The Moment

    I’m assuming so? You should contact him. He loves the Tarahumara so much
    that he even got himself a pair of those rubber sandals with the leather
    straps. As for surfing, I wouldn’t say it’s one of “my sports”, but I’m
    going to give it another shot for damn sure. 😉

  5. Glad you like it Ryan! From what you are saying Matt was probably there
    when I was? By the way, is surfing now one of your sports??

  6. Hi Charly, I will send you an email right now with more info. As for
    getting there, there are combinations of public transportartion that can
    take you to Guachochi and I will be organizing a tour this year that
    involves visiting the area and will end in this location with the
    opportunity to run the race.

  7. I’m in Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast.Good waves without them being
    too big. Plenty of surf in CR as well though…

  8. Pause The Moment

    Cool video. Matt from ExpertVagabond visited the Copper Canyon not too long
    ago and had the chance to do a short run with the Tarahumara

  9. Pause The Moment

    That’s what I hear. Matt was telling me all about them. I hope to surf
    again for sure. I might be heading to Costa Rica for a few days in Feb (if
    my new passport comes in time). Where in Mexico are you based? I would love
    to come down at some point.

  10. They are really impressive runners. Man, make sure you surf again, and if
    you ever visit Mexico give me a heads up and wel can go surfing where I am
    currently based in!