Super7 Haile Gebrselassie – adidas running

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  1. But you have to understand it is after a 9.8km run at an insane speed

  2. 0:06 haile is in blocks 0:08 haile is not in blocks 0:11 haile is in blocks again

  3. kirill miroshkhin

    pace of Haile: 14.7mph (5k), pace of Tyson (100m) : 23mph… it’s not at all the same.

  4. the music is funny

  5. 25 sec to 19 sec almost as fast? so im almost as fast as Tyson also :)

  6. TheAngeltoDemon

    I’d be curious if someone laid it out on tape, i just eyeballed it some and it looked like 24 sec final 200m for haile. They are both great athletes, but it’s just a commercial, at least in this case, they are way off. Nice advertisements, but they got nothing on the K swiss commericals with kenny powers, too funny

  7. Haile Gebraselassie is the coolest athlete! He’s so humble and friendly! Haile haile haile haile haile haile!

  8. I love Haile but the video’s use of “almost” is pretty questionable.

    I’d be VERY surprised if Haile’s last 200 was any faster than 25, which is still over 6 seconds of the 19.XX that Gay can run. Thats MASSIVE. That would be 12 seconds over a 400m, which would be like saying that someone running 55s 400m ran “almost” as fast as the WR of 43 seconds. One is a weak HS 400m performance, the other a WR.

    Haile has tremendous speed for a distance guy, but not compared to an olympic sprinter.

  9. while some of your points are valid, it may be hard to convince someone you know what you’re saying with the name “asshole thunder”.. but 6 seconds is a bit of a stretch though i am a fan of haile

  10. Man I love this add I need to show this to the distance runners an my jc we all don’t get along

  11. yeah but i’m saying tyson can 19.xx 200m while haile’s last 200m of his 10,000m they’re talking about was like 25 seconds which is phenomenal I agree. but You can’t really compare the two times.

  12. AssHoleThunder

    6 seconds? “almost faster than tyson” is very possible, you gotta remember that “the last 200m” means that he is already moving while tyson is at a complete stop.

  13. lol 6 seconds isn’t close

  14. , I agree

  15. kingkong11203

    yeah ur so in the clouds

  16. same

  17. You are Insane.

    Thats like saying Allyson Felix is better than Flojo.