Haile Gebrselassie in Ethiopia

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  1. Pabanil Pasion de Erio

    Yes, Tadesey break the world record, 21km in Portugal.

  2. WR no 21km, this eritreia

  3. @EndlessStarfall he said i don’t know when

  4. carlos salomon

    Nunca nadie como el; es muy groso……de verdad, 35 años y parece que corre desde 50. Grande gebre y Etiopia


  6. Pabanil Pasion de Erio

    Ethiopian holds the world record from 5000km,10000m-Bekele,
    20000m,21km,42.2km-Haile Gebrselassie


  7. Hearbeats by Jose Gonzalez

  8. 22.5 km/h is the normal pace for 10K, there’s no surprise here???

  9. i think he said brand lol…your welcome

  10. name of music?

  11. LOL, thats Jogging!
    to him >.>

  12. and I see that you like running a marathon in Berlin is too easy and you do not remain aver Marathon is easy if you do more research on this great Ethiopian before to say that is not the best

  13. berlin marathon that is easy? I do not believe what they do not understand is that you say pure drivel criticizing Ethiopia Haile and when you will understand that Haile is one of the best runners in history and many Kenyans could not be against the current records of the Marathon 10000m and also the 5OOOM are held by the Ethiopians and many more records

  14. 22.5Km/h???

  15. whats the name of the song??

  16. He may be a great runner, but I’ll tell you what he’s not great at: growing a ’stache!

  17. hes not one of the best marathon runners. winning easy marathon in berlin with no strong compitision doesnt make him one of best marathon runners.i hope KENYA GUYS agree with me.

  18. the song is: Heartbeats by Jose González

  19. wats the song called?

  20. he’s my inspiration, any way see you

  21. he’s my inspiration, any way see you

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  23. haha, u must be kenyan.

  24. dear god, he’s running 4:17 mile pace on a treadmill! I didn’t know treadmills were even made to go that fast, ’cause not many people can even run that fast for a minute.

  25. Haile lands on the balls of his feet for shorter races (5k and 10k) however for the marathon he lands in the middle of his feet.